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Two wheels, one instructor, and a whole bunch of clay!
Muddy madness ensues!

I teach pottery piece by piece. 

It gives us both the advantage of private instruction without the long term commitment or cost. For a little more than the cost of a mug, you can have your mug and make it too!

 The process is broken down into three separate classes, divided by drying time. Since I have two wheels, I have limited the class sizes to three participants*.  

We will schedule the next classes at the first class.  The first and second classes should be done within days of each other. If you can't make it back to do this for your piece, I will happily do that for you. After it has dried and been fired, you'll come back to glaze it.  It will be fired one more time before you can take it home. 

Everything tastes better and looks better in a handmade pot. Even better in one you made yourself!

*I have other services that may be more applicable to your situation if you have more than three people or have special circumstances. Let's talk.

Your journey to muddy bliss starts here...

Start by getting in touch. 



You can pay for your pots below, or I can email you an invoice.

  • Intro to Pottery

    Learn how to make your own pot from start to finish!
    Valid for 2 years
    • Step 1-Throwing on a wheel
    • Step 2 Trim
    • Step 3-Glaze your pot
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