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Go ahead! Call me CRAZY!!

I have become comfortable with the word crazy. I actually like how it makes me feel. You see, all my life I've been terribly afraid of all things crazy. Afraid of people who are crazy, afraid of becoming crazy, afraid of being seen as crazy, afraid that I might be crazy. To actually admit that I am crazy and it's not a bad thing is incredibly freeing. I can use it to help others.

Besides, there are so many reasons calling it something else just isn't right. Saying "my comorbidities" or "my bpd with substance abuse" just doesn't have the same spunk as "my crazy". There's humor in the word crazy. If you turn an insult into compliment, you take power away from the bully who insulted you. My past is that bully, my mind is the bully's power tool. Calling me crazy just blows the breaker! Every time I use it, I take a little bit of my power back.

It's ok if you don't like the word. It doesn't mean that you are behind on the journey or missing something. It means that the word has a different place in your life. I have a friend who really doesn't like using the word. Out of respect, when I talk to her, I try to use something else. I don't need to push my comfort on her. Or on anyone else. I hope that you look through these pages and can see past the word and maybe find something that helps you or someone you care about.

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