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Oh my heart!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

I didn't make it in time to see M-E and the kids at their going away BBQ. We tried to line up our schedules so I could hug them one last time and it just didn't work. I was going to be at the airport to pick up Phil's sister on the same day they were leaving but the timing didn't line up. I left it to God. On our way to the airport, we got a message from his sister that her flight had been delayed.

Naturally, we went to get a snack to pass the extra time and as we walked out of the airport, the MacPhail's drove up in their truck. That was a miracle. But it gets better. PG got out of the truck and headed straight to Phil. The boys hugged. I had been praying for them...with Phil now saved and Gordon leaving, I prayed hard that they could resolve something before PG left. I knew I would ruin it by making a big deal of it at the time so I headed to ME and the kids. I got to love on them. When I got to David, he looked at me (which is odd in itself) and said "I'm going to miss you". Oh my gosh, it was almost too much. The boys reconciling and David not only speaking to me but telling me he was going to miss me. I didn't think I could contain myself. It's hard not to think that God created that moment as a gift for me. Like a gift he'd been working on since I met this family. Oh my heart. Sometimes I think it will explode.

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