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Open Studio for
Studio Members

Who: Folks who are independent in the studio, are interested in swapping encouragement and experience with other members.

What:  The use of my fully operational studio including two wheels, tools, 20 + glazes and firing services.   

Where:  My studio near 25 Mesa Road and 1300 road.  

When: During studio hours when there isn't a class happening.

Why:  You want to make stuff with clay but don't have the equipment and want to be around a community of potters.

How it Works


You can be on a monthly plan or a pay as you go plan. 

The Monthly Plan is a set fee for an unlimited number of visits. 

Pay as you go means you pay when you come to use the studio. 

Other charges like firing and clay are billed mid month and due at the beginning of the next month.

The management of your account will take place on this website.  It's where you'll pay for clay, firing and reserve your time in the studio.

Reserve your time in the studio.  The blocks are in 2 hour increments. Time is available when the studio is open and there are no other classes taking place.

Firing is charged by 1/8 shelf. I figured cost based on three shelves and  8 pieces per shelf. If your piece is taller than the posts, then it takes 2 shelf spaces in the kiln so the cost will be more. I will keep track of your firing and clay and bill you mid month.

If you have any other questions not outlined here, please give me a call to discuss!

If this seems like a good fit for you, reach out to me so we can schedule an orientation meeting where I show you around, familiarize you with the equipment and discuss expectations.

Clay and Firing

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