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Re-write my code

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

My hubby and I went to Zion for a long weekend trip. While we were there, we went to a Calvary church. It was very warm and friendly. I am so grateful that he has been protected from unkind, judgey Christians up to this point. The sermon was a creative parallel between our hearts and computers. I was skeptical because a computer, in my opinion, is heartless and cold. It's a tool that only works well if the user has had enough coffee.

But this illustration was brilliant. He was talking about different levels of help that we need/ask from God. I'm boiling it down quite a bit, but sometimes we need to just reboot (He does put me to sleep sometimes) and sometimes we need a full overhaul of our code: no more band aids and patches. After the service I went up to the prayer team and asked them to pray for an overhaul for me.

I am confident that the overhaul will happen in God's time and in a way He knows is best. But I have to "stay frosty" as a good recovery friend of mine used to say. I have to remember that the closer I get to God, the more the enemy will attack. The stronger I become in Christ, the more the enemy will feel threatened. And, because God works this way, I am currently reading a book with a friend that is about using prayer to fight the enemy. God is training me up so I survive the overhaul.

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